"I confess a partiality to photography, specifically abstract photography, but it is often belabored and over done. It is not the case with this work. Consistently excellent, these remarkable abstracts show a strong sense of design, shape and color. They would work equally well as paintings. This is all around first-rate work."

Eileen Byrne

Director of the 

Brush Gallery and Artist Studios

Lowell, Ma

"Fetish finish car culture is turned into abstraction, with beautiful curves and formal lines, in Don Swavely's photographs. He captures the rhythms and organization of nature (and nature in relation to architecture) in all its resplendent color.."

Chloe Zaug

Assistant Director of

Curatorial Programs

Bakalar and Paine Galleries at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Boston, Ma

Porsche 911

Each evolution of the 911 brings new minutiae of features and performance for the true believers to absorb. The real deal is that it's one of the most iconic shapes on the planet - no matter which version it is. I was lucky to catch this one standing still in blindingly brilliant morning sunlight which makes the shape changes subtle indeed,while the tail light stands out in stark contrast.

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