Frolicking Boxes

Title: Frolicking Boxes

Creating a three-dimensional image from multiple 2D and 3D sources is also used in this piece.


I've added a digital photograph of mine taken in Nebraska as the background. This becomes the pseudo 3D space within which the boxes have their fun.

The cubes were created using digital 3D MCAD software. Perspec- tive was added and a final line drawing created.


This drawing was layered with the landscape in Photoshop and the cube patterns were then added.

A quilt-like pattern was created for each box from individual squares utilizing colors from the background. The pattern was applied to each side of the boxes and appropriate lighting and shadows complete the 3D scene.

As with the previous piece, the combination of three digital tools enabled me to create an interesting 3D world of my own, where boxes have as much fun as we do.

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