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I've lived in many parts of the US. Our family traveled by car - a lot. My personal movie became an ever-changing view of landscapes filled with amazing cars and trucks. I wanted nothing more than to become a cross-country truck driver and continue the journey forever.

Instead I followed a more common path until I reached Art Center College of Design. That was like boot camp for your eyeballs and brain. I graduated with honors and immediately started to find out how the real world works.

Ensuing careers included product design, design engineering, advertising, a decade as an automotive sculptor (Co-Hog Toys), prop maker for commercial photographers and a long stint as part of several website teams for an international company.

The common threads have been photography and cars. From my first shots in the 1960's, to my current obsession, my vision has been constantly honed.

Cars and the reflected landscapes are combined, resulting in bold abstract automotive photography.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Wrapping an already warp-speed SVJ in matte red makes it look like the gloss just couldn't keep up with the car. It's out there somewhere still trying to catch up. There are so many eye-popping details that are made even better by the matte-gloss contrast.

Please use the Contact Me page to send me your thoughts. Like most artists, I am most alive when sharing opinions and responses with others who care about cars.

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